[SG EATS] Unagiya Ichinoji – Restaurant Miyagawa Opens it’s First Overseas Outlet in Robertson Quay, Singapore

Unagi fans can rejoice once again as they have new addition unagi restaurant to visit in Singapore. Unagiya Ichinoji is the first original unagi speciality restaurant from Japan opening a store in Singapore. It is said to be one of Tokyo’s renowned unagi restaurant, which has 125 years of history.
Unagiya Ichinoji -2
The restaurant located at Robertson Quay is a 34-seater restaurant with an open kitchen concept where diners can watch the unagi grilling process. The design concept is similar to Man Man Japanese Restaurant at Duo Galleria.
Unagiya Ichinoji -1
Unagiya Ichinoji
Let’s move on the unagi varieties in Unagiya Ichinoji.
Hitsumabushi S$19.80 for small | S$77.80 for XL Size (can serve about 2-3 pax)
Unagiya Ichinoji -Unagi
Unagiya Ichinoji -5
It is a Nagoya style of unagi. There are 3 ways to enjoy Hitsumabushi:
Step 1: Unagi with Rice
Step 2 : Unagi with seasonings of wasabi, nori seaweed and spring onions
Step 3 : Pour the dashi (soup stock) into the bowl of the remaining unagi and rice and mix it to become ochazuke. This is my favourite!
The unagi flavours are sweet and savoury but lacking of the charred flavour as compared with Man Man. But, you can add on the chilli powder and sansho pepper that are displayed on each table to your rice and unagi. It definitely enhances your taste buds especially with the sansho pepper.

Seiro Mushi S$19.80
Unagiya Ichinoji -3
Unagiya Ichinoji -4
Next we have the Seior Mushi, another version of enjoying unagi from Yanagawa, Fukuoka. The charcoal grilled unagi is steamed in a bamboo steamer along with kinshi egg , rice and sweet sauce. You can smell the aroma flavour the moment you lit up the cover. It is rather interesting way to enjoy the unagi. And complete the set with Unagi Chawanmushi at S$24.80 (additional S$5.00).

Mamushi Donburi S$18.80
Unagiya Ichinoji -6
Unagiya Ichinoji -7
Lastly, we have the donburi style. I love it in terms of the value, portion and taste as a whole. Mamushi Donburi is served with Japanese yam, mentaiko, kinshi eggs and onsen egg. I love it when I mix everything together. So, make sure you add a bit of the Japanese yam to give an extra starchy texture. And complete the set with Unagi Chawanmushi at S$24.80 (additional S$5.00).

Note: Both Seiro Mushi and Mamushi Donburi are exclusively available in Singapore.

There are other dishes available in their ala-carte menu including Unagi Bone Cracker, Unagi Salad, Unagi Omelette and many more.

What makes the unagi/ eels different from the rest is that they will steamed first then grilled and followed by dipping into the mirin sauce and repeat the grilling process again. And their Mamushi Donburi will be quite a hit in terms of the value.

P/S: No reservation is allowed at this moment.

Unagiya Ichinoji
Address: #01-05 Riverside View
30 Robertson Quay
Singapore 238251
Tel: +65 6732 1970
Opening Hours : Daily: 11.30AM – 3:00PM | 5:30PM – 10:00PM
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