HazelDiary is an online platform for author, Hazel to document her journey and adventures. Hazel started blogging since year 2007 about my daily snippets with blogspot. Her passion on foods and documenting travel and lifestyle journey has brought her to the social blogging scene. Since then, HazelDiary decided to have her own domain since year 2012.This platform document food, travel and lifestyle along with some guest writers appearance.
Sometime in September 2015, there were issues with hosting migration issues and thus this explains why the posts from 2012-2014 were gone.
Nevertheless, I still try to blog everyday alternate days on food events, travel diaries and events.
All images posted in this blog is taken by Hazel for HazelDiary and shouldn’t be used without any permission. If anyone wish to use the photo, please contact me personally.

Hazeldiary was featured in several media platform:

May 2016
May 2016
July 2016
July 2016

Featured & Interviewed on Channel 8 ( 13 October 2017) – News Frontline. Click on the photo for the full video.

13 October 2017
13 October 2017

2017_10_13 Channel 8 News Frontline-1

Feel free to contact me for co-operational partnership/ collaborations : hazel1908@gmail.com .

You can also find me here:
Instagram @Hazeldiary_


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